Are you forgetting to look after yourself?

Modern life is full of stress and pressure, demands and disappointments, deadlines and setbacks and it’s so easy to forget about yourself while you are busy doing and meeting the needs of others.

But when do you get time for yourself, what do you benefit from the time you allocate yourself?

These are quite big questions to answer because, for too many people, there is not enough time in the day for themselves.

Stick man thinking

But ask yourself – what happens to all the responsibilities you are meeting now, and people you may be supporting if something happens to you?

  • What if illness strikes through being constantly stressed which drives down the effectiveness of your immune system?
  • What if constant stress, worries and demands trigger anxiety or panic attacks which prevent you from functioning the best you can, perhaps increasing absenteeism from work, college or other regular duties?
  • What if, the demands of life impact you so much, that IBS symptoms are triggered and you can’t go to work, adding to already existing pressures?

The simple answer is to look after yourself the best you can, but of course, life is not simple, and it’s easier said than done.  And that is of course true.

However, is looking after yourself a little bit more, really more difficult than having to hand over your duties and responsibilities to someone else?

At the same time, do you take time out to recover from the consequences of not looking after yourself?

And what if there isn’t anyone close by to hand things over to, what then?

These are scary thoughts, but everything mentioned above is things I have seen, and about people I have worked with in the past who didn’t take time for themselves.

Their thinking was wrong in these 8 ways!

Number eight drawn in 2 dimensions
  • They thought they didn’t need time for themselves, but they found out the hard way they did!
  • They thought ‘it’ whatever ‘it’ was wouldn’t happen to them, but it did!
  • They thought stress didn’t exist, but they proved themselves wrong!
  • They thought anxiety was just a term to describe being a bit nervous, they were massively wrong!
  • They thought IBS was all in the head until they discovered the hard way!
  • They thought if anything happened, recovery would be quick and complete, they were wrong in one case, and very wrong in the other!
  • They thought they had the financial security for any short to medium-term illness covered, but they discovered outside help was expensive!
  • They thought friends and family would carry the load, but not all did, and when some did, for many it came at a high cost to their health!

Their thinking was flawed. Many of them paid a heavy price in obtaining recovery, and the sad thing was that most of it could have been avoided with a bit of planning and forethought.

It’s easy to get caught up in life and forget about looking after ourselves. But we do so at our peril.

So, what can we do to help ourselves?

First is to plan some regular time for you and make it part of your daily routine. Tell those around you that you are taking time for yourself and keep to it. Indeed, we can’t make time, but we can reallocate it.

If you don’t think that’s possible think of this. If your favourite singer/actor was to call you and say, hi, I’m in town next week, do you want to meet up? The answer to your favourite singer/actor would be yes. it’s a great opportunity.

Wrought iron fence with twisted open pattern all painted in black

So, you find time, make time, allocate time in whatever way you frame it, but you will ringfence that time with your favourite actor or singer, so you get to have the time with them.

If you can ringfence time for yourself with your favourite actor /singer you can ring ringfence your time every day, even if for only half an hour.

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