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Osteoarthritis Treatment System - Immediate Streamed Version

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 Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60



Developed specifically for the Osteoarthritis sufferer.  IMMEDIATE Streamed Version

The information below provides information on the unique Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60.  This program focuses on pain management, lifting mood, and releasing negative expectations, contributing to pain reduction.

Our Osteoarthritis Program is an Integrated Medicine, meaning it can work alongside conventional medicine if you feel you need something extra or want to take an active part in your treatment.

Also, using it as a standalone option when concerned about continued drug use.** 



words have power written on blackboard in white chalk

Do you know about the mind-body connection? How each thought produces a physical response? Change the thought, and you change the physical response, changing discomfort to comfort, turning down pain, lifting mood? Whether you know the mind-body connection or not - read on, listen to the sound clips, and get an idea of what this O.A. program is about.


Osteoarthritis treatment - physical symptoms


picture of person in distress implying osteoarthritis sufferer


As mentioned, the Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60 works with the mind/body connection, maximising user benefit. The mind/body connection refers to how thoughts can affect the physical self and vice versa.
Every thought you think creates a physical response. For example, have you ever wondered why you feel so tired mentally after a day of constant pain? Let us explain the mind/body connection to you in this program, and learn how to use it for your benefit!
If every thought creates a physical response, then by changing the thought, you change the physical response!  

The program consists of

  • 1 x Clear Introduction Session
  • 7 x Interlinked sessions
  • 1 x Suggested listening schedule.

Emotional Impact of O.A.

Emotional man with head in hands denoting suffering of osteoarthritis

The Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60 supports the emotional aspects of dealing with pain daily.
Yes, physical pain is addressed by mainstream medicine, or hopefully, it is, but many people find the efficacy of medication may reduce over time. The medical community are of course, they are acutely aware of the risks of medication dependency, side effects and the impact these have on their patients.




The program does not claim to be a cure; you wouldn't expect it to, but rather see it as an aid in developing comfort in mind, body and emotion. The structured approach with multiple sessions also means you can become familiar with and use the processes after finishing the program.

Use our program alongside other treatment options or as a standalone support system when other avenues of support have proved limited or ineffective.

As with all self-help systems, check with your medical professional for any concerns before commencing.
When you feel low in mood, your pain most often will be felt more acutely. Learn how to break this expectation.

cut out of two peoples heads looking at each other. One is green and healthy the other dry cracked mud, denoting osteoarthritis as a problem condition

The Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60

Developed specifically for the Osteoarthritis sufferer by Michael Mahoney, award winning clinical hypnotherapist
Michael Mahoney - Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60He is behind such respected audio programs as the IBS Audio Program 100 for adults, Emotional Recovery after breast cancer, and many others. His work developing innovative health programs earned him an invitation to The Queens Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in July 2011.

In 2015 his attention turned to helping the often-forgotten patient population of Osteoarthritis suffers. Using hypnosis and guided imagery, this program is gentle and relaxing. 

The word was coined by a medical doctor way back in 1841 by James Braid a Scottish ophthalmologist. When you think of Hypnosis, think of that nice mellow feeling you experience before drifting into sleep, you are aware of your surroundings, relaxed and just feeling so relaxed.  Hypnosis has a long history of helping with pain relief, gastrointestinal disorders, stress, anxiety and a wide range of other conditions of mind and body.


This program is a structured 60-day audio program to aid in the management of Osteoarthritis pain.
Developed to help also improve mood, feelings of confidence, relaxation and general well-being. 

When walking can be challenging:
But not only walking, moving generally can be difficult for some folk, stiffness, bending and tiredness. For some, the problems seem endless.

We ask you to persevere with this structured program; you may be pleased you did!

Developed for both the physical and emotional aspects of O.A.  

Our goal was to provide an aid to help you to improve your quality of life.
The program is a process, therefore patience is needed. You will learn and relearn new ways of thinking and feeling.
If you are looking for something different, you are prepared to try something different, and you think you have tried just about everything, consider looking a little closer at our program.
With gentle music, understanding words, gentle guidance, imagery and suggestion, and more, all within a structured, interlinked delivery. With audio recordings streamed to your smart device and a recommended listening schedule to download or view on screen. All to help you, help yourself.picture of three plant pots, one small growth, on bigger growth and the other larger plant growth. Denotes benefits of growth and learning using the osteoarthritis audio program 60

So if you want to try something different, the Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60 is here.

Years of experience working with patients, private research studies and patient piloting have given Michael, the author of this Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60, a keen insight and understanding of how O.A. affects life.
He has developed this program to help those who want to do something different.
This is the immediate streamed version of the Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60.  

All sessions are available immediately.

If you want the MP3 download version of this program, click here.

All sessions can be downloaded and added to your smart device or iCloud storage. If you are unsure how to do MP3 downloads, we suggest you consider a streamed version.

With the streaming options, once you purchase, you have 365 days to work with it, so you can take your journey through the program several times if you wish! And then re-listen to a favourite session more often!


In a 'nut-shell.'

  • This Osteoarthritis Audio Program is designed to help you in situ, that is, in everyday life, with no appointments, no dashing through traffic, taken at your speed and over your time frame. However, we recommend maximising its use and benefits using the included listening schedule.
  • This program provides a structured process for helping the physical and emotional symptoms often endured by the Osteoarthritis population.
  • Streamed versions - you have 365 days to listen to your program, enough for several repeats if you wish! Want to do it longer, no problem; contact us, and we can arrange something for you at a nominal cost.
  • It can be used alongside other treatment options or as a standalone support system when other avenues of support have proved limited or ineffective.
  • Each thought you think it produces a physical reaction - change the thought, and you change the response.
  • Program developed to aid pain management and mood enhancement. It uses hypnosis and guided imagery, which many would say are the same thing anyway!
  • Last but not least - consider the value of this program. Financially you are saving a small fortune compared to one-to-one sessions. Cost-effective, but maybe after using it, you might view it as priceless! 

Remember, there is another option!

This structured Osteoarthritis Audio Program provides easy, gentle processes to:

  • aid the reduction of pain naturally
  • improve mood,
  • improve confidence and for many,
  • improve sleep too
  • all in a gentle, structured approach. 

Listen to sound clips - see below.

row of falling dominoes being disrupted by a hand. Denoting stopping of pain and negative thoughts

A Structured Approach

The Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60 is structured in such a way as to guide you from the introduction to developing a basic understanding of the processes you will be working with, to guiding you through specific imagery and suggestions and more besides.

The great thing is this process is natural; there are no pills or potions. However, it can be used with other medical interventions if required.

Listen to the sound clips for a flavour of delivery, music and gentle words.  

Sound clips

                Introduction Session           Session 1       Session 2       

                            Session 3             Session 4          Session 5       

                                        Session 6       Session 7

Within this streamed version of the Osteoarthritis Audio Program, 60 are Seven full-length recordings developed to work together as you move through the program.picture of two morph characters reaching out of laptops screens shaking hands


When you feel you need something more to help with the pain and emotional aspects of Osteoarthritis, when you aren't sure what else to do, do our O.A. program, structured and developed for the O.A. sufferer. 

It isn't an Osteoarthritis over-the-counter treatment,  but it is available with just a few clicks!

Remember - The brain is the best painkiller you've got!

If you are in any doubt about using these recordings, please consult your medical professional before using them. 

** Recent guidance in the U.K.'s NICE Guidelines 29 April 2022 states they (NICE) have taken the decision not to recommend some painkillers, such as paracetamol and some opioids for Osteoarthritis, instead now recommending exercise and weight loss if appropriate

The Osteoarthritis Treatment System - Immediate Streamed Version is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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