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As we start another year

we can look forward to the lighter nights, the warmer days and all the opportunities this year will bring us. Looking back on 2015 I think many readers will simply be pleased it is behind us and we can start anew.

This year I am looking forward to a few new projects which I hope will come to fruition as the year progresses.  I am going to make it a year I can look back on with a sense of achievement. There are many things I want to do, things I want to learn and teach, people I want to meet and learn from, and I am going to try my hardest to achieve them all.

Looking forward positively is healthy and if we really want to do or achieve something, having it in our minds eye, making it real, enjoying the feelings of how it will make us feHealthy Audio Hypnosis Audio Programsel once we have achieved our goal helps us to keep focused and to really achieve it.   I am not encouraging readers however to act illogically or recklessly. We have to keep a sense of reality, without limiting our drive to achieve. 

Convincing ourselves we can do

or achieve something, just because we say so is not conducive to a life of fulfillment. Some people develop a mantra of positivity that they can and will achieve x,y or z without having the most basic level of competency to be successful. Doing so in my view is a recipe for disaster.

It’s like giving the keys to a high powered car to a non-driver; it’s an accident waiting to happen.

Planning, structuring and learning are positive ways to achieve those things you want to achieve.  People often ask why I kept going when things were stacked against me, when I was developing the IBS Audio Program 100.

To explain the scenario, when I first started to develop this program in the early 1990s, I was told by several people and organisations it wasn’t possible to develop something which could help the IBS condition as I was proposing to do. But I learned, I structured my approach, I recognised my weaknesses and dealt with them, I had rejection after rejection in response to requests for assistance.

But I kept in mind how I would feel once I had brought it to market and – sure enough - in 1998 it was released. Now users in over 45 countries benefit from it. The NHS Nice guidelines in 2008 advises hypnosis is a valid treatment option after 12 months of non-effective pharmacological treatment.

What a journey!

The drive and determination paid off, and many people are living better and happier lives because of it, and so are their families. And that is the feeling I felt in the early nineties, how it would feel when it was completed. And now I know, and it’s even better than I imagined.

So at the start of this new year, look forward positively, difficulties will pass, focus on your goals, decide what you are going to achieve this year, and do it.

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