Looking forward in 2021 - from April onward!

As we start another year!

Yes I am writing this in April (19th to be exact) and yes January is fading into history, but I have the feeling that 2021 is just starting.  Here in the UK the casualties of the pandemic are reducing in numbers, although still devastating to those affected.

The Covid jabs seem to be doing their job, following lock-down rules and generally being sensible has led us to where we are now with shops and schools  opening up, pubs and cafes, and other none essential businesses trading again are all good early signs that something near the old normal is approaching, and (at the time of writing at least) the sun is shining, so it feels like we are just starting to live 2021 - in April!

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Thank goodness 2020 is behind us, I think it is fair to say, few people got through 2020 unscathed.  The pandemic touched us all, to greater or lesser degrees, it was a year none of us would want to go through again.

Some are already calling it the lost year, but I am not so sure about that.

The direct impact on society was obvious, the indirect impact not so much so. People have been 'bubbled', holed-up, isolated for a long time.

And many of us have got used to it, which is a serious problem for many individuals coming out into society again, going to work again, going for a walk in town, and mingling with others after months and months of being told to stay apart, so resuming normal life, is not as easy as it sounds or hoped to be. Readjustment takes time, and it's important that both individuals and employers recognise it because if they don't the situation will only get worse - and there is a serious danger that the price paid will be high both individually and financially.


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Stress and Anxiety levels are higher for countless numbers of people,  For some groups of people the lock-down proved beneficial. For many with IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome for example.  Their worries about travel, meetings, socialising, traffic jams, communicating to work etc. helped reduce stress and anxiety,  with regard to their IBS at least.  They say there is always a silver lining if you look for it!

However lock-down is over, and a new normal is beginning to take shape. It will take time for many people to adjust to new routines and environments. 

There are many people who don't particularly relish a return to demands of the job,or the travelling and general hassle of the old routines. There are many people who have found that taking things more quietly, gently, and being out in nature suits them fine. It is important for our society as a whole that a happy medium is found. 

Those who feel this way are simply responding to circumstances and change in their own way, its called being human.  Equally, those who are more easily adapting to the changes, are, you guessed it, being human.

We adapt and change at different rates depending on our personal background, personal history, present personal situation, life skills and experiences  and many other reasons, to many to go into in this short blog but suffice to say we respond to our internal and external environments at different speeds, and thats Okay.


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None of us have lived through a time like this in our lifetimes, it is new learning for us all, and a time to exercise understanding and patience in our daily lives. 

I said earlier that I want sure that I would describe 2020 as a lost year, I think that will depend on what we did with our new found time.  I made the most of the new time by reading and learning, researching and preparing to bring several new programs to market.  I manged to get out in the garden more, I learned more about nature and photography.

And I know many other people made use of their new found time, there is nothing that can change the impact that 2020 on our lives, but we can look forward, slowly, maybe hesitantly at first, but eventually the new normal will become the normal.

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I wish you well,





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