Help for IBS with the IBS Audio Program 100

If you live with IBS

you will certainly know the impact it can have on your life.  Symptoms range from mild to severe, and can include, Diarrhea, Constipation, Pain, Bloating, Gas, Nausea, Anxiety and much more.  

If you don't have IBS yourself, the probability of you knowing someone who does is high. Estimates vary some research quoting 10-15% of the American population may have IBS symptoms at some time in their lives. 

In the UK estimates overall are 17% of the population (11% in men / 23% in women)  Many other countries have similar figures! 

But behind the figures lives, families dreams and wishes are being affected!

IBS can destroy relationships, careers, friendships, education and social life.

It is no respecter of Age, Gender, or background.  Symptoms vary from person to person, the frequency and severity of symptoms can vary too!

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But there is GOOD NEWS

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In 1998 The IBS Audio Program 100 was made available in England and quickly caught the eye of IBS sufferers on internet bulletin boards, and from there, the rest as they say is history!

The IBS Audio Program 100 was the result of 8 years of privately funded research, development and patient piloting.

It was the first home use IBS Program available and remains a trusted and popular treatment option today. 

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We believe one of the reasons is, that it was developed specifically for the physical and emotional symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

We didn't copy anyone's research or ideas to make our program, we took our time, we got to know IBS, inside out, we were among the first to recognise the importance of the emotional aspects of IBS on patients lives and well-being.

That was pretty revolutionary back in the day!  This aspect of IBS is still not recognised by some health professionals even today!

We also recognised the importance of structure, and made sure the program was structured and easy to listen to. 

Since its early days back in 1998, the IBS Audio Program 100 has earned the respect of users around the world and of many in the medical community and other health professions too. It has now been used by sufferers in over 40 countries.

(We have years customer testimonials for you to look at too, we didn't ask for them, be we are pleased to receive them!)

The IBS Audio Program 100 English version is available on MP3 Format, Structured Streaming, and Immediate Streaming formats. 

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