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Healthy Audio Hypnosis Blog by Michael Mahoney

  • When you need home-use health programs - visit our site!

     When you need health support programs for IBS, Anxiety, Confidence, Insomnia and more visit our site. We have a history going back more than 20 ye...
  • Times are Changing.

     A short video sharing a few thoughts, recognising the pandemic and its impact on us all, and how we need to change in the new world unfolding befo...
  • RECOVERY - What would RECOVERY say to you, and would you listen!

    Recovery - would you listen to it, if it spoke to you? Would you help in your own healing?
  • The Circle of Leaf - bring yourself closer to nature.

    In these days when nature is being put under so much pressure, this gentle video show a parallel between the humble leaf and humankind. You might b...