Osteoarthritis Treatment System - Streamed Version

Osteoarthritis Treatment System - Streamed Version

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Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60

Developed specifically for the Osteoarthritis sufferer.  This is the Streamed Version

The information below provides information on the unique Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60.

Take your time and look around. The program focuses not only on pain management but also on lifting mood and releasing negative expectations and therefore contributes to pain reduction further.


Osteoarthritis Program

We hope you find the page of interest and consider using the Osteoarthritis program at some time soon.


Physical Symptoms



Our Osteoarthritis Audio Program works with the mind/body connection which maximizes user benefit.  The mind/body connection is a reference to how thoughts can affect the physical self and vice versa.
Every thought you think creates a physical response. Have you ever wondered why you feel so tired mentally after a day of constant pain?  Let us explain the mind/body connection to you in this program.
If every thought creates a physical response, if you change the thought you change the response!  

Emotional Impact of O.A.


The Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60, offers support with the emotional aspects of dealing with pain on a daily basis.
Yes physical pain is addressed by mainstream medicine, or hopefully, it is, but many people find the efficacy of medication may reduce over time.  The medical community are limited in what they can provide, and of course, they are acutely aware of the risks of medication dependency, side effects and the impact these have on their patients.

The program does not claim to be a cure, you wouldn't expect it too, but rather see it as an aid in developing comfort in mind, body and emotion.  The structured approach also means you can become familiar with the processes involved, and use them after you have finished the program.

It can be used alongside other treatment options or can be used as a standalone support system when other avenues of support have proved limited or none effective. As with all self-help systems, check with your medical professional before commencing if you have any concerns.
When you feel low in mood, your pain most often will be felt more acutely.
Learn how to break this expectation.

The Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60

Was developed specifically for the Osteoarthritis sufferer by Michael Mahoney, Clinical Hypnotherapist and multi innovation and research award winner.  
Michael Mahoney - Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60He is the man behind such respected audio programs as the IBS Audio Program 100 for adults, and Emotional recovery after breast cancer, and many others.  His work in developing innovative health programs earned him an invitation to The Queens Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in July 2011.

Now his attention has turned to help the often forgotten patient population of Osteoarthritis suffers. Using hypnosis and guided imagery this program is gentle and relaxing

It is a structured 60-day audio program to aid in the management of Osteoarthritis pain, but not only that, but it was developed to help also improve mood, feelings of confidence, relaxation and general well-being. 

In short, it was developed to be a SUPPORTIVE AID.

See what Arthritis.org says about hypnosis

When walking can be difficult:
But not only walking, moving generally can be difficult for some, stiffness, bending and tiredness. For some, the problems seem endless. We simply ask you persevere with this structured program, you may be pleased you did!

Our Osteoarthritis Audio Program is developed for both the physical and emotional aspects of O.A.  

Our goal was to provide an aid for you to help yourself to improve your quality of life.
The program is a process, therefore patience is needed.  You will learn and relearn new ways of thinking and feeling.
If you are looking for something different, and you are prepared to try something different, and you think you have tried just about everything, then consider looking a little closer at our program.
With gentle music, understanding words, gentle guidance, imagery and suggestion, and more, all within a structured, interlinked delivery.  Videos and audio recordings streamed to your smart device.  All to help you, help yourself.

So if you want to try something different the Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60 is here for you.

Years of experience in working with patients, private research studies and patient piloting have given Michael Mahoney, the author of this Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60 a keen insight and understanding of the O.A. sufferer.
He has developed this program to help those who want to do something different.
This is the streamed version of the Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60.   If you want the immediate MP3 full version of this program click here.

The streamed version is delivered to your smart device or PC every day for 60 days.  Please note you will need WiFi or Data access to use the streaming option. Check your user agreement before purchasing if in doubt.
With the streaming option, once you purchase you have 365 days to work with it, so you can take your journey through the program, and then re-visit it if you wish, or listen to a favourite session.
No worries about holidays or being away, or taking a few days out because it is streamed to your smart device, you can listen to it when it is convenient for you to do so.

In a 'nut-shell'

  • This Osteoarthritis Audio Program is designed to help you in-situ, that is in everyday life, no appointments, no dashing through traffic, taken at your speed and over your time frame, though we do recommend how to maximize its use and benefits which is through the streamed sequenced delivery.
  • This program provides a structured process of helping both the physical and emotional symptoms often endured by the Osteoarthritis population.
  • Streamed version - you have 365 days to listen to your program, enough for several repeating's if you wish!
  • It can be used alongside other treatment options or can be used as a standalone support system when other avenues of support have proved limited or none effective
  • Each thought you think produces a physical reaction - change the thought and you change the response
  • Program developed to aid pain management and mood enhancement.  Uses hypnosis and guided imagery, which many would say are the same thing anyway!  

Remember, there is another option!

This structured Osteoarthritis Audio Program provides easy, gentle processes to aid the reduction of pain naturally, improve mood, confidence and for many improve sleep too, and all in a gentle, structured approach.  Listen to sound clips - see below

A Structured Approach

The Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60 is structured in such a way to guide you from the introduction to developing a basic understanding of the processes you will be

working with, to guiding you through specific imagery and suggestions and more besides.

The really great thing is, this process is natural, there are no pills or potions, however, it can be used in conjunction with other medical interventions if required


Sound clips

                Introduction Session           Session 1       Session 2       

                            Session 3             Session 4          Session 5       

                                        Session 6       Session 7

Within this streamed version of the Osteoarthritis Audio Program, 60 are eight full-length recordings comprising of seven therapeutic, interlinked recordings and a recording of ambient music.

This Streamed version, takes away having to check and remember which daily session to listen to, as we send them to your email address to listen to on your smartphone / smart device, PC or Mac.

When you feel you just need something more to help with the pain and emotional aspects of Osteoarthritis, when you really aren't sure what else to do, do our O.A. program, structured and developed for the O.A. sufferer. 

It isn't an Osteoarthritis over the counter treatment,  but it is available with just a few clicks!

Check your device agreement for any data charges that may apply.

If in any doubt about using these recordings please consult your medical professional before using. 


Life is too short to live without the Osteoarthritis Treatment System - Streamed Version. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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