A Simple Question

Think about this question

The question is,

“Who is the most important person in your life at the moment”?

Think about it, and when you have is your reply: wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, children, parents, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, and perhaps close friends, for some it might be the cat, dog or budgie.

Picture of a budgie


But I wonder - did you include yourself?

If you took the time to think about the question you might have identified perhaps six to ten people (or pets) who you have thought about before yourself. And yet if you stop to think about it, why did you not include yourself?

Or if you did, why were you lower down the order of importance?

Think of it this way: if you identified six people to ten people when you answered this simple question, what you have really identified are six to ten people, who would have a hole ripped out of their lives if YOU were not in their lives.

Therefore it is important to remember you are important!

Many of us have people depending on us; you have people to support, work to do, goals to achieve, and if you don’t look after yourself how can you look after others, how can you continue supporting and providing for them, financially, emotionally and physically, if you are laid low?

The simple answer is you can’t!

Thinking about yourself, and making sure you care for yourself is vitally important.  But you might say - it's selfish to put yourself first - but the answer to that is: it is not about being selfish - see it more like self-preservation!

It is simply about caring for yourself and in doing so you are more able to meet your commitments to others, and continue to be an important part of their lives and live your life to the best of your ability.

Man looking pensive away from camera


These days, it is more vital than ever that you - me - all of us learn how to cope with internal and external demands.

All demands take emotional energy from you, even if they are physical demands, they still take emotional energy away from you. 

External demands are quite easily identified; open any newspaper or news site and we read about high prices, job cuts, benefit cuts, shortages,  poorer services, society’s downfalls, war and much more.

Yet these external demands serve to compound any and all internal demands, the worries, and the anxieties, stress and fears which individuals personally experience. 

These in turn impact pre-existing conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome making symptoms more severe and more frequent.  Lead to poor sleep and insomnia.

Work overload, relationship difficulties, disharmony in the workplace, perhaps being out of work or being too ill to work or even burnout

In today's society, nobody ever asks for anything tomorrow,  these days things always seem to be needed right now, or yesterday!

If we don’t get enough rest and self-nurturing we can make matters a whole lot worse, and that's in nobody’s interest.

So what can you do?

  • You can share your worries and concerns,
  • discuss health issues,
  • you can relearn to relax,
  • develop new coping strategies,
  • disrupt negative thoughts and expectations and,
  • replace them with new positive thought patterns and expectations. 

The reality is many of the situations mentioned may not be easy to change, but we can see them through different eyes!

You might be already aware that each thought creates a physical response, and  by improving your thoughts, sharing problems, being open to new options of choice and considerations you can see situations in a new way, and put things in perspective, bringing the resources of your mind and body together to achieve your goals.  Our home use health programs can help with many conditions.

Remember the question asked earlier, and now consider your reply, and notice the difference!

Our website has many home use health recordings to help with a wide range of conditions. 

It is the home of the highly acclaimed IBS Audio program 100, we also have full, structured programs for GAD AnxietyStress, Insomnia, Burnout, Osteoarthritis, Confidence and self-esteem and much more. 


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