A stitch in time saves nine - Health matters included!

Life is full of responsibilities, pressures and demands, deadlines, worries and concerns.

How difficult does life become when we add into that mix, a health issue which becomes persistent, irritating or just down right annoying?

It’s no fun having to sail against the winds of life all the time, and yet so often we can’t find the time to do something about those niggling, annoying matters that drain us of our emotional energy, life, it seems is too busy to stop and check what you need, and can do, to make life easier.

In short we become to caught up, to busy in life, to make life easier for ourselves.

However life has an amazing way of catching our attention, if we dare to ignore it’s gentle calling to us, that something is a miss!


sooner or later life will stop you!

Stop sign being held by a manikin

The gentle callings of concern, gradually escalate until they reach siren pitch!

  • Eventually you will fall down the burnout cliff,
  • you will increasingly react to deepening anxiety feelings,
  • your IBS symptoms will stop you going out, cause fear and worry in addition to the worsening physical symptoms,
  • and your desperation for sleep impacting your every waking moment will touch every part of your life.

It is at that point that you will stop and take notice. It isn’t a pleasant thought that’s for sure, life changes can be dramatic for you, and for others around you. Work / College /School absenteeism may increase, health care costs rise, fun times become less, you are less present in the moment, constantly tired, aching, lack of humour, and so the list goes on!

If life hasn't stopped you in your tracks, it will have slowed you down significantly!  And then you will have lots of time to reflect on what isn’t right or comfortable, your priorities will change as you look for solutions and the path to recovery, which by this time is often more difficult than it had to be. 

And yet it doesn’t have to be that way! 


Let’s re-wind a little, let’s go back to around the time you started to notice things were getting a little more difficult.

  • When your thoughts flitted to the possibility of burnout,
  • or when anxiety feelings were raised a little more than usual,
  • or to the time when IBS symptoms were a little more pain, or increasing trips to the bathroom,
  • or when your sleeping pattern was not as fractured.
  • or confidence and self esteem levels not draining away so fast 
  • or stress levels were manageable with a little effort. 

This is the time to pay attention to what your body and mind are telling you.

Do you still not have time to do anything about it?

The old saying ‘a stitch in time saves nine, rings true.(basically don't put off doing something that needs to be done as it will take more work and effort later if left) 

To further the point, ‘ a stitch in time saves nine’ is an anagram for: This is meant as incentive!

Your mind and body are giving you the heads-up, the increasing symptoms are an incentive to do something, while you still have the option of choice. Don’t ignore it.

So what can you do?

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