Are you anxious? Do you know how you can help yourself? Posted on 29 Aug 12:57 , 0 comments

Lets take a look at Anxiety.

Many people use the term anxious far too loosely. It is an uncomfortable condition which affects millions of people. The good news is that Anxiety is manageable and there are lots of things that sufferers of anxiety can do to get help, and to help themselves.

We are all familiar with the feelings of anxiety, for example when we meet new people perhaps, or have to give a presentation, or take a job interview or driving test, perhaps starting a new school, these sort of events we come across, and deal with.

For most of us the feelings of anxiety are short lived and after the event we calm dhealthy audio hypnosisown and feel comfortable again.  However for about 10% of the population anxiety can turn into a frightening condition which may feel as though it is taking over their lives.

Some people have what is called ‘generalised anxiety disorder’ which does not relate to any specific event or occurrence but the feelings of anxiety are with them all the time, for others it can be triggered by some event or thought pattern.

People with generalised anxiety often begin to feel anxious from the moment they awaken.  Some of the symptoms can be: dry mouth, sweaty palms, rapid heartbeat, sweating, a tightness in the chest, nausea, diahorrea, loss of appetite and general fatigue.  This is not an exhaustive list.

Some causes of anxiety can be physical, for example drug withdrawal, hormonal imbalance and low blood sugar amongst others. Some anxiety may be through psychological factors, feelings of pending doom, some medical professional believe it is combined with our personality type. For some it may be a learned response to some thing or someone in our past or present environments, or in the future. 

If you have been feeling anxious then speak to your medical doctor and get checked out physically. Speak to your doctor too about any concerns you have in your life.

Prescribed drugs may help in the short term to help you feel more comfortable, be aware that some drugs take a period of time to get into your system and have the desired effect. 

Alongside drug treatment you may be referred to a counsellor or therapist in Cognitive behaviour or for hypnotherapy in some cases.  There are various types of anxiety conditions, your doctor will be able to diagnose you from his experience, your symptoms and what you tell him, so always be honest and open.

Also the anxiety sufferer can help themselves by, taking more exercise, developing relaxation techniques, setting small goals.  My experience with anxiety is generally once the individual is aware of the condition, and its symptoms, and they understand the things they can do for themselves they generally progress well. 

The journey through anxiety is not always an easy one, but with determination and new found belief in themselves they begin to feel better.  Also it is important for anxiety sufferers to remember that there are millions of others with similar feeling, and as unpleasant as the condition is, not one anxiety attack has ever hurt them. So remember anxiety is a common condition, it can be treated successfully with medication and other therapies, including hypnosis.    

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