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Stress brings feelings of powerlessness

Do you live life fearing what is going to happen next?

Are you putting on a brave face every day? Is your confidence going down? Are your energy levels draining away?

If so read on.

One thing most of us can agree upon is the effects of the pandemic on society have been huge. Society has changed, stressors are found everywhere, in jobs, loss of jobs, pressure on relationships, finances, health and the list goes on.

So what can you do about Stress? Quite a lot really!

Did you know that much of our daily stress is caused by ourselves, to ourselves? Because we react to the actions and behaviours of other people, and if those actions or behaviours do not fit with our expectations or moral or ethical code, we get stressed.  

Also just thinking about something that hasn’t even happened yet can cause us stress, thinking about things that happened years ago, can still cause stress in the present moment.  

Two fingers with couple hugging drawn on them

Why is that?

In short, stress occurs when our internal energies are outstripped by internal or external demands, regardless of whether those demands are real or perceived!

Just read that  last paragraph again, because if that sentence makes sense to you, it also means you are in prime position to be able to reduce your feelings of stress significantly.

The power is in your hands – well in your mind really! That is where the power lies.

You see, every thought produces a physical response, and that response can be good or bad, or indifferent, depending on how you interpret things. 

So to be effective in reducing stress – you have to learn to think differently, you need to stop the slide of negative thoughts (which brings those negative responses both physically and mentally) and change them to positive thoughts.

So it's about stopping the slide, by putting the brakes on the runaway thoughts and about moving away from the idea that you can't do much about stress, because you can!

It's also about creating a new foundation of understanding about what is going on inside – in a simple easy to understand way, and then building on that foundation. Sounds easy, and it is, but you have to put in a bit of work to achieve it, but the ‘work’ bit is easy too!

You will learn about the three levels of emotional energy and how they drain away, and what you need to do to stop it. And once that foundation is in place, multiple interlinked sessions build upon it.

So imagine you can manage your stress in a gentle structured way,
imagine that you can start the process straight away – within a few mouse clicks, and,
imagine that you can start to feel better pretty quickly.

Well, stop imagining.

The Stress Treatment Audio Program 80 is already available. And has been helping people with stress for many years.

Available on MP3 or Streamed versions, this program is:
Structured, with
14 x sessions - yes you read right!
Plus a suggested Listening Schedule

Start to own your stress, start to feel more empowered, start to let go today - and look forward to a better tomorrow.

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