Good Health? Is it worth the time and effort involved?

Many years ago...

a prospective client came to see me for hypnotherapy for his presenting problem. He was a businessman, plenty of money and always in a rush. At the initial consultation, he outlined his problem and said it was something he had been meaning to address for years but had never got around to it.

I outlined my approach which was structured and progressive, giving him time to understand the changes needed, giving options of choice and considerations, giving him time to listen to the recording of any session which I nearly always provide, and through the structuring and gentle progressive work he would achieve his goal, even after all those years.



It soon become clear there was a snag!

  • He didn’t want to wait. He wanted to come and see me every day for two weeks to get the problem sorted. I said no.
  • He offered me three times my fee for each session. I said no.

He simply couldn’t understand the concept of working on, and learning about, himself. He wanted a quick fix, rather, he wanted to buy a quick fix, and yet he had waited years before he decided to come for an appointment!  

He wanted me to do the work for him, when in reality what he had to do was to take part in his own healing too. I could guide, and help and support and give advice, expertise and encouragement, but he had to be committed and responsible for his own life and aims.

He got frustrated, he wanted - no 'needed' - to get his issues sorted out. 

It took some considerable time for him to realise that what he wanted could not be bought just with money. The cost also included him doing some self-work, some homework, putting time into learning a different way of thinking, and recognising that only by applying what he learned could he progress and have a better quality of life. 

I told him no amount of money would buy him what he wanted if he wasn’t prepared to learn and also become familiar with what he would be learning. If he did this, then there was a more realistic chance of him being successful.

He left my office feeling quite disgruntled and still trying to fathom out how money alone couldn’t solve his problem and why I couldn’t be persuaded to change my mind.

The truth was,

for him, the cost was too high. Not financially, but in the time and effort he would have to give himself and his willingness to engage in the learning process to be successful.

He missed an important opportunity that day. He could have discovered much more; that taking part in change can be enjoyable and exciting too, as well as hard work at times. 

From my point of view, I could have taken his money and given him my time, but deep down I knew his heart wouldn't be in it and the chances of success were slight.

lots of money - many leaping with excitement.

If he had looked beyond the financial cost, he would also have realised that when he had worked and learned and was eventually successful having achieved his goal, the cost and the effort would have been worth it. Whatever ‘it’ maybe!

If you are thinking about making changes to your life, a health matter or just want to be and do better, then take a look at my website. for self-help audio programs, but as mentioned above – you need to work with them, they are not designed to be ornaments! 

Use them, work with them and help yourself be a better you in 2023

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