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Healthy Audio Hypnosis

is maybe not perhaps a name that springs to mind when you are thinking about finding health treatments or solutions. 

But that hasn't stopped us helping many thousands of people around the world for the last 23 years to feel better, be more productive and to live better lives.  

We research, develop and bring to market hypnosis based health programs, for many conditions, the first was released in 1998, which was:

The highly acclaimed IBS Audio Program 100 for Irritable Bowel Syndrome for adults.  Tried and trusted and available in 3 languages.

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But we didn't stop there! Recognising the success of our IBS Audio Program 100 which attracted the attention of many users and health professionals we then focused our attention on other areas:  

Anxiety Audio Program 120 for GAD
Stress Audio Program 80.
Burnout / Adrenal Fatigue Audio Program 75
Insomnia Audio Program 60
Confidence and Self Esteem
Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60

See all our recordings here.
All programs are available on MP3 download or Streamed
Our programs have been helping people in over 40 countries since 1998, and we plan to be here for a long time yet!
We are bringing more programs to market in 2021 and beyond
So when a little extra help is needed, or you need structure to help you recover, or grow, or you just want to be your best you, look at what our health programs can offer you.
Many thousands have gone before you. Start your journey today.

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