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Mindful Colour for relaxation - Single Session

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Colours evoke different emotions. 

Take time to lose yourself in the quietness of your thoughts and gentle relaxation as you follow this gentle recording.

For many people, colour invokes positive thoughts feelings and emotions. Even the colour black, so often deemed to be a negative colour can be positive. Mindful colour for relaxation recording encourages you to find relaxation through colours.


Colour can be so soothing. If you have enjoyed a walk in the garden or in the countryside, or you have admired a painting it is likely colour played a part in your enjoyment of the activity  or the scene or landscape you were in.  Colour is often overlooked as a means to aid unwinding and relaxation. We hope this recordng goes some way to helping you.

What benefit does the colour white bring? or blue ? or red? or yellow? and any others? 

Listen to the sound clip:  Click here

The full track is approx 24.2MB and approx 26:28s in length.


Mindful colour for relaxation a single recording.

Suggested listening once a day for 5-10 days, and then once a day as preferred. 

Users take responsibility for all outcomes, results may vary. 

(Session commences after safe listening suggestions) 





Disclaimer: Like all hypnosis recordings, this product is not suitable for those with epilepsy, schizophrenia or any personality disorder. Use only in a safe environment. Consult with your medical professional before use if in any doubt of its suitability for your particular health circumstances.  The user takes responsibility for all outcomes; results may vary. 

(Session commences after safe listening suggestions)

By using this recording you agree to terms and conditions of use. 

Full T&Cs of use can be viewed here

The Mindful Colour for relaxation - Single Session is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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