Time for the next step - time to be prepared, in a different way!

Things are constantly changing...

 Now after several months of lock-down society is being opened up again.  But it isn’t that easy – the message of remaining safe has been hammered home – Stay at home – Stay Safe – Save the NHS!   

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Being safe has become more instinctive, more intuitive than at any time in recent history, changing that instinct is not just a matter of flicking a switch, it is a process in its own right!

Now we are being enthusiastically told (by some), that society is being opened up again, gradually but definitely opening.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Problems will be the next crisis if not addressed. It is up to us all to ensure we protect our emotional wellbeing as we have been protecting ourselves physically!

But what about the anxiety the lock-down has caused to millions of people, whether they had anxiety at the start or not, how are they to cope? 

Man with hands held up to his face in despair




What about the stress returning to work is causing and will cause in customer-facing jobs like retail?  








trolley full of groceries


What about the Irritable Bowel Syndrome suffer whose symptoms have gone off the scale due to demands, pressures and worries of the present situation, and the prospect of returning to work or college?

woman holding stomach representing IBS pain


What about those who have no job to go back to, finding themselves jobless through no fault of their own? What can they do to help themselves?

Keyboard with return key marked with find job

 What about those with chronic pain whose symptoms are much worse due to the worry all this brings?

pensive middle aged woman looking out of the window

 What about those who feel their confidence draining away or have lost it altogether, how about them?

Books on shelf why which when

 What about those who have poor sleeping and insomnia?

picture of sleepy teddy bear

 The list goes on and on!

However there is help available, in all the instances mentioned above, we have a home use program which may help. Click on any of the pictures above for more information, deal with the problem before it impacts your life seriously. It's never to soon to protect your health and future.

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Since 1998 we have been working to

  • help IBS sufferers to live better lives
  • the anxious to live more happily
  • the stressed to be more relaxed
  • those in pain to be more at ease
  • the jobless to be empowered again
  • we have helped people find their confidence again, or develop it from scratch
  • we have helped the sleepless to be more rested

We also have help for the Osteoarthritis sufferer, those recovering from breast cancer and other cancer survivors

We have a history stretching back over 22 years, of helping in difficult times of people’s lives, we were there then, and still helping many now!

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It is clear we as a society have a long way to go before a degree of normality or comfort returns. Every part of society has increasing demands made upon them.

If you are feeling vulnerable in any way, or you know of anyone who might benefit from any of our programs, please forward this article to them.

Please share among your friends and family too. 

We are here to help, and have been since 1998!

Michael Mahoney is a multiple Innovation and Research Award-winning Clinical Hypnotherapist, who has been in practice since 1986, and author of all the above programs. 


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