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Columbus Day - IBS Independence day? Posted on 12 Oct 13:49 , 0 comments

Congratulations to all those who made that important decision on 4th July 2015 to take control of their IBS.

They decided to start the IBS Audio Program 100 and they finish today.  Congratulations to one and all. Results will vary of course since we are all individual, but the IBS Audio Program 100 has been helping people with their symptoms of IBS since 1998.  It has stood the test of time, so it bodes well for the majority of users!

Since they started on 4th July 2015 they have been working their way through the structured program which was developed specifically for IBS symptoms – both physical and emotional.

Of course the majority of users begin to get relief from IBS as they go through the recording, whether their program begins after hearing the introduction, which sets out in such easy ways to understand what is happening inside – physically and emotionally.   Just getting that understanding is often enough to instil a belief system that change is possible.

Or perhaps after the first session with its imagery and suggestions, or the second, third, fourth or fifth session (which are all different) when all is brought together, each session building on the proceeding one.

Coupled with the unique on-going progressive induction method (OPSIM) specifically developed for this program – and now adapted and used in all Healthy Audio programs – such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, confidence and self-esteem and many others.

So back on 4th July 2015 that decision to make a difference began to pay off, so once again congratulations to those who made that important decision for themselves. And this Columbus day – 12th October 2015, I expect they will have discovered something about themselves too – that IBS does not have to rule their life.

As Columbus Day is a holiday, and you decided today to start the IBS Audio Program 100 tomorrow, you would be completed on the 20th January 2016 – the day Franklin D Roosevelt was inaugurated for an unprecedented fourth term – making history.   Will you start the IBS Audio Program tomorrow and give yourself the opportunity to make your own history – and start the New Year with the great gift of good health?

Don’t look back with regret – look forward with optimism and encouragement and be guided by this tried and trusted IBS program.  Enjoy your journey!  Available on CD Set or MP3 download.