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About Change Posted on 10 Jan 17:49 , 0 comments

Nothing stays the same.

We live with constant change due to each moment being an end and a new beginning.  We know change can be sudden or progressive, welcome or forced. Change can be viewed as being an opportunity or a threat. 

Many people see change as being out of their control, and of course many changes are. However not all are, and if we are to have happy healthy lives we need to learn to recognise that external change is constantly happening but we can make our own changes too.  Those who choose not to change will find life overtakes them, and they will get lost in their own memories of ‘the good old days’.

When we recognise that we can change, and we can introduce positive changes to our lives, environments and circumstances, it is then we see change in a more positive light.

Each New Year’s Eve, more than any other time of the year, we are made increasingly aware of the need for change. The need to change from being a smoker to a non smoker. The need to change destructive relationships, or working patterns. The need to change job, change eating patterns, replace bad habits and so it goes on.

And yet when we stop and think about it,

why focus on change on just one night of the year? The difference is, for many at least, is on that one night of the year, we decide that we have the responsibility, the power, the opportunity and the authority to bring new positive change into our lives. But it is a flawed thought.

Those same feelings of authority, responsibility and power are ours to use at any time in our lives, any moment, minute, day, week, month or year. And yet, for many, unless change is forced upon us, we continue with the established beliefs or through the lack of enthusiasm for change that it’s not worth changing, it’s not worth the hassle, the heartache, the uncertainty.  We choose instead to tolerate unfairness, inequality, unhappiness and worse, simply because we fear change.

It’s up to us to view change in the most appropriate way possible. Change can be difficult, there is no known and trusted script to change, and we have to rely on our knowledge, good luck, education, support systems amongst others, when we invoke change.

And yet everything we know is a product of change.

There is nothing we know now, that was not learned, and that in itself is change. Change sometimes can be simple. Sometimes it can be scary, sometimes stressful and many other things too, but it can also be rewarding.

Sometimes not changing can be even scarier. Not changing can mean more heartache, frustration and under achievement. An unwillingness to change can also contribute to life threatening situations for the smoker, the over eater, the couch potato, the illegal drug user, the excessive drinker, the over worked, and others. It is far better to make managed changes to our lives, relationships and habits, than to have nature make the decision for us. For when we don’t make changes it is then that circumstances, fate, nature or whatever we choose to call it, makes us change, and that is really is scary! 

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No one owes you a living! Posted on 10 Jan 12:06 , 0 comments

Most of us

have been through difficult times over recent recession years.  And of course other life issues and problems don’t stop because we were going through a recession.

Something I often detect in people, whether during the recession or in other areas of life, is a resolve not to be beaten.

I am sure I am right and I hope this attitude builds momentum. Yes there is lots of bad news about, and we hear every day of the difficulties people are facing. Yet many people are seeing this as a time for a fresh start, more people looking at starting their own businesses, or changing their career in some way. I see people in my practice who have decided they need to do more, they speak about taking the initiative, of improving themselves and preparing themselves for the emotional and financial recovery.

To do this they need more skills. And these skills are not simply about learning how not to get nervous or tongue-tied when pitching a presentation, or how to network properly. They are also looking at how to be comfortable in themselves, how to be the person they want to be, letting go of fears and baggage of the past, looking for the many different ways of how they can help themselves to move on and to be better placed to meet the challenges they expect to face as they move on through their life journey.

Most admit that they

would not have thought about making changes had it not been for the recession or change in relationship or work environment.  For some, the hard times have been a valuable wake up call. One person said to me recently that they had simply realised that “no-one owed me a living” and he was staggered by this thought.

He is of course right, no-one does owe any of us a living, and I am sure this moment of self realisation for this young man will prove to serve him well for the rest of his life.

Why is it then that so many people seem to be awakening from a haze that has blinded them to the fact that they and only they are responsible for their own lives and what they make of it? I am unsure of the answer but I am pleased to see it.  The events of the recession were thrust upon us, no-one asked for it, but it has been a wake up call for many individuals and businesses that they had to change, and be different and make the very most of themselves and their talents, for new opportunities will continue to arise. We all need to be in the best possible place we can be to meet the challenges and the opportunities the next few years will bring.

I am pleased also to see

a spiritual awakening in people, realising that the world cannot go on as it is.  We need to work collectively to raise awareness and vibration to help heal ourselves and others.  For many this may be airy-fairy mumbo jumbo, so I will leave it there for now, but in another blog I will cover my thoughts more fully.

For those who are looking at, or considering adding to their skill set or making a change in career direction or have been made redundant, remember: the better you feel in yourself, the more likely you are to be better balanced, capable of clearer thinking and better judgment, which will allow you to embrace change more readily.

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